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Henan Superior Abrasives Import and Export Co., Ltd is one of the largest Silica Fume Suppliers in China, and also the premium source of high-performance Silica Fume products for concrete and refractory industries.

As a crucial supplier of Silica Fume, we have gained credits from our excellent guests and have been maintaining stable and long-term business cooperation with them since 2001, owing to our advanced tech, reasonable price, varied packages and good service. Our market covers Australia, America, Canada, Mid-east, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Southeast Asia and etc.


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Cement Concrete
Oil and Gas
Application of microsilica fume in thermal insulating material
Special micro silica fume as ballastless rail board admixture on high speed railway passenger line
Microsilica Used in external wall insulation material
Silica Fume Used in Shotcrete
Microsilica Used in Port bridge construction
Silica Fume Powder Used in Concrete Road Construction
Microsilica Fume Used in Water conservancy and hydropower project
Silica Fume Used in PHC prestressed concrete pipe pile
Microsilica Used in High-speed Rail RPC cover plate
Micro Silica Fume Used in Grouting Material
Microsilica used in refractory
Microsilica Fume used in Oil and gas
Silica Fume for Oil and Gas

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What is code for silica fume?
What is code for silica fume?
Name: Silica fume CAS: 69012-64-2 EINECS: 273-761-1 Molecular formula: C7H9N5S2 Molecular weight: 227.3099 The ma
Building Concrete Silica Fume Formula
Building Concrete Silica Fume Formula
Application scope of micro silica fume (silica fume) for building concrete 1. For water conservancy and hydropower pr...
Silica Fume vs Fumed Silica
Silica Fume vs Fumed Silica
Micro silica fume ①Appearance and basic chemical composition: Appearance is gray or off-white powder, refractori